Denver Area Residents: Step Beyond the Church Walls and Ignite Your Faith

Let Me Be Real...

There is a MASSIVE Attack Taking Place In Our World Today Concerning Identity!

Make no mistake, the fabric of society is being challenged by ideologies of a false identity. The lies of Critical Race Theory, Diversity Equality, Inclusion initiatives, Gender Identity discussions, and the theory of Evolution are only part of it. These are not just academic debates; they represent a concerted effort to reshape our understanding of ourselves and our world.

Simply put, we are a movement-making community that seeks to bring the truth of identity to our generation.

How To Stop Frustration And Bring

Clarity In Every Area of Your Life!

Has your life been one success after another? Or perhaps, like most of us, do you still struggle with things? Regardless of your past, present circumstances or dreams, and fears for the future, the truths of this Masterclass can transform your life.

  • It is not another self-help program.
  • It is not another exercise or relaxation plan.
  • It is a life-changing, Biblical, Christ-centered plan for understanding your identity and purpose in Christ.
  • By living a life of grace, you will experience a new freedom and joy in life: A new - and true - sense of peace, and a real experience of the presence and guidance of God in all you are and all you do.

The 'Ignite Your Kingdom Life Masterclass' unveils to you, your Kingdom Identity and Purpose. It is designed to help all Christians, including those with marital and family relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and problems related to dysfunctional living. It offers a different perspective on living the Christian life.


Discover The Power of The Gospel

What is the one problem that causes you to continue struggling--year after year--with the same sins, hurts, worries, fears, habits, eating disorders, addictions, fatigue, anger, and anxiety?

you will...

  • Experience Greater Clarity about God's Will and Purpose for your Life. This means more time freedom and greater results in every area of your life.
  • Experience a Profound Sense of Security and Acceptance regardless of what circumstances may take place.
  • Discover How To Always Win When Facing Your Biggest Challenge
  • Eliminate feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression.
  • Accelerate Your Results And Put The WOW Back Into Your Faith

You Will Never Occupy the Territory That God Has Given You Without Having First a Kingdom Identity Capable of Supporting It!

  • Your Self-Belief Effects & Controls Every Area of Your Life.
  • Without Heaven's Revelation, You Will Remain Stuck in Your Current Identity.
  • Every Dream, Hope & Desire Remains Hidden To What Is Possible For You!
  • It's Time To Step Into God's Ability To Live Life as an Overcomer.

Discover How To Always Win When Facing Your Biggest Challenges

You know it. That sense that life’s got something bigger in store for you that goes beyond the messaging you are hearing around you. There is an inner yearning to connect with God and His grand design for your life. We don't just acknowledge that yearning—we equip you to step boldly into it. Together we will uncover the keys to unlocking God's purpose and design for your life. We stand together as a movement of people who refuse to the shackles of fear and instead embrace the freedom to live out our highest calling

Don't Miss Out On This Powerful Masterclass!


3440 S Vance St, Lakewood, CO

Limited Seating Only 20 Seats Left!

SAT., April 6, 2024

9 AM - 11 AM

Pizza & Workbook

This very well may be the one event that dramatically shifts your life to the next level of what is possible for you.